CALL TODAY! 915-222-0351 Moe-bile Air Oxygen Bars use highly featured products backed by Airhead Inc. quality controls that combine aroma, sound and color therapy to energize the mind and body. We want to maximize use of the purest and most abundant element nature has to offer, O2. Through synergy and the power of love we will introduce a natural way to manage stress, anxiety, headaches, allergies, hangovers, tiredness, and exercise recovery time.  Our efforts will be to transform daily stresses into unique relative feelings of joy, happiness, and well-being.

Our Goal is to promote you, your family and your business with a new hip sophisticated approach; delivering our services to your FRONT DOOR!

Moe-bile Air wants to share an amazing customer service experience that leaves our patron feeling refreshed and full of joy. Oxygen therapy, aroma therapy, sound therapy and chromo therapy are excellent activities that can lead to a healthier life style and we want to immerse our patrons through our high quality life exhilarators and oxygen bars. Our quality is measured by the amount of love and joy we can spread using the most basic element nature can offer.

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home_images2home_image3Oxygen is by far the most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. Nearly half of all the atoms in the earth are oxygen atoms.

Oxygen also makes up about one-fifth of the Earth’s atmosphere. Nearly 90 percent of the weight of the oceans is due to oxygen. Oxygen is thought to be the third most abundant element in the universe and in the solar system!  encyclopedia.com

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